Your equipment is your investment. We want to get it back working to original specifications as quickly as possible. When repairing an amplifier, we use all original parts, unless it is impossible to acquire a direct replacement. We will never try to save time by using an inferior parts.

Every repaired product goes through a rigorous stress testing protocol before its ready for pickup. We use a series of max power tests to clipping for amplifiers and receivers, and multiple durability tests specific to each model and brand.


Whether it be a 1980s VHS camcorder or a recent digital projector, bring it or ship it in and we’ll get ti working. We enjoy working on all types of video recorders, playback decks, video monitors and big-screen projectors. Some of these items, consumer or professional, cost thousands of dollars when new and were designed to last for decades. Quite remarkable devices. With some TLC, they’ll deliver your memories and shows just like new.


Speakers not speaking? Voice coils lost their voice? We can fix it. Many vintage speaker woofers and tweeters were made of paper or foam compounds that degrade over time. Sometimes excessive heat has damaged the internal moving parts. No matter what the problem, we have a solution. We can replace parts, fix broken pieces or replace the entire driver. And yes, we can even ‘re-paper’ or ‘re-cone’ a defective woofer to brand-new condition.